Zhuoxi(Summer) Shang 商酌兮   
I currently graduated from the University of Washington Interaction Design program. I'm pursuing my designer dream in this big world with strong problem defininguser researchideationwireframingvideo production, prototyping and presentation skills. I achieved many life and career goals with my striking perseverance, decisive confidence, empathy, sensitivity and friendliness. I believe in planting real understanding of uses' needs into design iterations and bridging business and users with smooth user experience.                                                
_A strategy, Interaction & UX Designer
_A daughter who always provides love and care to the family. 
_A friend who genuinely brings happiness to friends.
_A foodie who tirelessly seeks for the best restaurants and recipes.
_A life enthusiasts who can't stop generating curiosity.
_A romanist who constantly chasing imaginations.
_A designer who passionately believes in great minds, strict discipline, team work, and technology. 
Current updates in my life
_Actively looking for UX/Interaction/Strategy design internship/full-time  
_Enthusiastically Learning Hip-hop dancing                                                        
_Humbly starting a candle business
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