Concept Video 

This is the video we made to promote our idea and it was also the first time for all of us to have an experience in making video. 



People are so familiar with the coffee experience in Seattle. People can always be satisfied no matter what reasons and circumstances they want a cup of coffee - grab a coffee on the way to work or school; study or chat in cafe for atmospheres. However, have people thought of coffee can actually open to be a working opportunities. 

In a group of three, we were asked to reinvent the coffee experience for customers in their age of 20-30. One of our teammates - Skye Stewart was a volunteer in local homeless shelter. So we had the chance to interview with those people to see how might we incorporate our ideas into helping homeless people. 


As a result, we brought up the idea of Boost Coffee to help homeless people establish their career as a barista through a training process and after several months, they work in local coffee shop and make friends with people who hang out there. Our broader idea is to use coffee experience enhance social justice and eliminate homeless people from street or from over-crowded shelters. This idea not only helps with the social impact aspect, but also give the young people a total different coffee experience which recalls back to our design problem. 

TIME PLANNER: Skye Stewart

IDEA: Zhuoxi Shang + Skye Stewart + Amber Scoville

FILM: Zhuoxi Shang

EDIT: Amber Scoville

Working Process



We discovered all the things that can be related to coffee, and by following the path down until nothing possible can be wrote around those aspects, we found our opportunity spaces as what we could think of reinventing coffee experience.  

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  • Visual Design

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  • Reflection

Many hands make light work.
Think out of the box.

The thing I learned from this project is how to work in groups and how to compromise with other people. Be passionate about the project but also be modest all the time. The ideation and brainstorming process helped a lot for us to generate ideas, on the other hand, the other thing I learned from this project is also not to have attachment with one concept too quick.