Reinvent music player

#Individual project



#Axure prototype:


What was exciting: 

I am passionate about education and children's development. When I got this design prompt, I immediately start doing research on music therapy and how music can help with children's development.

While my classmates were generating ideas from the shared research and targeting towards general public, I did extra research in order to understand the relationship among music, moms and kids.

I think beyond the class

I'd love to take this experience to a higher level by partnering with conversational user interface, accelerometer and heart beat rate technology. 

For example: When expecting mom is having anxiety, the product can sense the heart beat goes faster, and gently prompt a voice message to ask if mom wants some music to calm her down. 


Product: Hello Mom (what can it do?) 

A digital music player contains curated and categorized music for kids

A teddy bear speaker to play music from the App

A product that can bond kids with parents through music sharing


Information Architecture







By simply swiping, customers can navigate between home page and music discovery page, easy access to the two main screens.




By dragging songs/albums from library, which is located right under "now playing" gives people the most accessible way to create a now playing lists. If customers want to change the playlist, they will need to go to view playlists, where they can add/delete playlists. 








By clicking "add" symbol, customers can add any albums/songs they like to their libraries. And the system will provide immediate feedback to tell customers that they successfully took the action.