We were asked to design a product to push people interact in physical space. As we each created our own design problem space and find the solution, we paired up in a group of two and created a video together by mixing the two design concepts together as a whole. 


Group capacity: 1-2                              

Time length: 10 weeks                    

My role: design process + video production  


What did I do: 

First of all, I did all the researched on my own interested topic - how to help the young professionals build their network. And then I did the job to create an App to facilitate with my solution. I filmed and acted in the group video and I was involved in the video editing from beginning to end. 

Final delivery 




Map: For customers to locate some events they are interested in created by others.

Create an event: Customers can create their owns events based on their specific needs.

History: Customers can view the events they have been to and created. 

Connection: After the event, customers can check in the event and connect with other people on Linkedin who checked in.





Problem Space 

It is hard for young professionals to expand their connections in their working industries. 











Pitch My Product 

It is hard for people who are new to their work industries to expand their networks. Introducing NetU, it is an App uses Linkedin profiles to help people search for or create relevant events locally and invite professionals to their events. 





Why Unique?

The connection between NetU and Linkedin is the core of this App. Besides, NetU can help young professional to really meet the professionals based on their own preferences - they can not only see what is going on in their areas and also create customized events. 



Ideation - Problem Space - Storyboard 





I tried to cut an iPhone out of foam board and made a Prototype of the first App draft. I didn't keep this idea at the end, but it helps me understand the flow in the story and it helped with my final idea. 


The video is a combination of two ideas, we got the practice to emerge two different products together and tell a compelling story. one is NETU made by myself, and another product is made by Hsuan-Ting Wu. 



My Role In The Video 

We made this video in three days. I did filming, acting, editing video in Premiere Pro, AfterEffects shots.