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What was challenging

This project is challenging because we need to think about all the visuals and interactions in a 3D space. While we develop our ideas, we need to think of how to mock them up and present them in a powerful way.

Me and Natalie Huang took care of the physical models that are needed in our design. We spent around 8 hours making and painting all the boxes, it was a fun experience but disastrous because I used spray paint for the first time and my nose was stuffed with the paint at the end.  

What's The & Shop

The & Shop uses the grocery store as a model, it creates a shopping experience that reminds participants to slow down and realize people might nor be who they appear to be. By participating, they will be encouraged to think: How do others define you? How do you define yourself? How do you define others?

People are complex, while it is human instinct to make quick and instant judgements, it can often limit our scope and hinder possible relationships. 


An exhibition where viewers are highly involved in understanding the message to not judge people based on their appearance, the concept is to provide a space for them to reflect on themselves and see what other people think of them differently.