Electronic waste

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#Interview synthesis

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What was exciting:

It was the first time that our class dived into the thorough user research process. I found it was really interesting to conduct interviews. I had a lot of fun synthesizing data from the research. 

This project is a good example of solving huge with small twist of existing design. At the same time, it allows me to think about how to facilitate design with business. It is a very practical and feasible design solution that Michael even talked with our group about getting patent for it. 

I think beyond the class

In order to create a more fluid and cohesive user experience, I'm going to do comparative analysis on different existing on-boarding systems. I will explore the opportunity of implementing this design into different electronic devices. 

For example: wearables, laptops and TV operating systems. If users feel the urge to skip the on-boarding process, they can simply tell their device voice controlled assistant anytime during their use of the electronic device and let it active the recycling program. 


Challenge (research project: deal with mobile electronic waste)


Interrupt Current User Flow

Product: Onboarding Experience (user, business and design)

  • Prompt customers old mobile device recycle option when they get a new phone
  • Evaluation on old mobile through pictures and IMEI code
  • Gift card from favorite store in exchange for dropping old mobile device to recycle