Product for kids with heart disease

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What was challenging:

I took the leadership of this project and worked together with Industry and Visual designers. I knew that I wanted to create a hybrid consumer product with physical and digital experience. Since it was the first time at school that we could pick any design area that we are passionate about, it took a lot of self-motivation, and at the same time, to keep everyone always on the same page. 


Kids with inborn heart disease can bring a lot of emotional and physical stress to themselves and people around them. We want to develop a product that can: 

  • Educate kids on their health condition 
  • Build companionship and trust with kids 
  • Help kids have balanced exercise habit 
  • A paired App to help guardians track kids' health condition 

Product: SQUI (What can it do?)

Provide companionship

Prevent over-exercising

Tracking live and history condition

Squi makes learning fun and easy. 

Mobile App tracks the health condition