We were asked to accomplish an individual practice on rethinking thermostat in less than three weeks. Thermostat is a indoor controller of a system which senses the temperature to help the space maintain near a desired set point. Traditional thermostat does this by simply switching heating or cooling devices on or off. As technology developed, we have "smart thermostat" like Nest, Honeywell in the market. However, sometimes they could be confusing because they contains too many functions. 


Group capacity: 1                                     

Time length: 2 weeks                                

My role: research + ui + ux


After did affinity diagram together, we created Bailey as our persona and to add possible characters to her. To solve our problem, we derived possible effective user experience aspects from this character to help us explore ideas. 


Final delivery 


My final design focuses on visual simplicity, most desired functions and easy navigations for users - presetting, remote control and bill. And it can also be remotely controlled by smart phone when you are away or you are too lazy to get up. 






Based on my research, the most important thing people care most about thermostat is - adjust temperature, tracking the temperature states and save energy/money. But the smart thermostats in market now always provide an overwhelming range of functionalities with confusing and ineffective design. 

So I decided to design a simple, customized and fully functioned thermostat by considering what are mostly needed by users. 


Affinity Diagramming

Our design class collectively shared our research findings (in green) and used them to develop main insights (in blue) that were most appropriate and necessary. 

image1 copy.jpeg




This is my first official individual practice on interaction design, not only think about interface, but also have a systematic thinking process from researching to prototyping. I received a lot of critiques which helped me a lot to understand what interaction design is really about.