Line of sight


#Augmented reality

#3D prototyping

#Icon design

#Video production


What was challenging: 

I wanted to take this graduate studio class because I want to take the initiative to explore this exploited high tech. It was challenging that I learnt Cinema 4D in order to build the 3D mode, and camera tracking in After Effects to line up the models with video. 

I think beyond the class

I'm very passionate about this amazing new field. While many companies are exploring how to implement VR technology into gaming experience, I found it's incredible that it can enable human connections and build empathy and understanding towards surroundings. 

For example: Communicate with animals by understanding their body languages and facial expressions; understand the silent world of a deaf friend; be a single mom for one day. In the future, hologram can live within our watch, simply by tapping on the watch, it will explain why my your puppy wouldn't stop barking today. 

Research and Ideation

3D Experience