AT&T - Increase positive social sentiment

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What was exciting:

I had a wonderful and memorable summer internship at POSSIBLE. The 6 weeks internship really made all interns bond together. In additional, I also made many friends and learnt so much from all different departments. Besides shadowing my mentor on Microsoft account and working on the AT&T project, I always helped out with media team for indoor and outdoor shooting. I developed my wire-framing skills, understood the influence of social media and learnt about the business model inside of the company and our clients. 

I think beyond this project

Advertisement is so amazing, it can actually give a brand characteristics. In the future, advertising can provide a more engaging, dimensional and innovative  experience for customers by involving more technology. 

For example: how can we optimizing the brand/product experience using voice controlled system, live streaming, virtual reality and remote control, etc. 


A campaign to shift AT&T's negative social sentiment to positive social sentiment. 

Video storyboard and Snapchat Filter